MLM Binary Tree

This class can build a multi-level marketing tree from member forms. It can generate HTML for forms to login or register a new user to create or update the profile data of members that will form a MLM binary tree. The class can display the hierarchy of MLM member nodes with links to update or delete members. The member profiles are stored in a MySQL database accessed using MySQLi.

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2 thoughts on “MLM Binary Tree”

  1. hello,

    I downloaded code but not able to run it.

    it gives some different kind of site then expected.
    could you pleas help us to run this example script.

    i copied code to xamp htdocs folder and created database.

    Thanks in advance.
    animesh shah

    1. 1. यह फोल्डर लोकल होस्ट में कॉपी कर ले।
      2. localhost/htdocs/mlm-binary-tree/config.php
      DB_USER= //username root ?
      DB_PASS= // password
      DB_NAME= //database name
      फाइल एडिट करे

      3. localhost/htdocs/mlm-binary-tree/sql.sql
      sql.sql यह फाइल इम्पोर्ट कर ले।

      4. OK! done

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